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Scared As Hell

Yep! This is my first blog post and it is scary as hell! Why is it scary? Because, it’s something I’ve never done before. What if no one reads it? Writing is not my strength. Will I be able to produce content that will add value to my readers?

I’ve been waiting to start this blog since late 2015. So, I finally decided on December 3, 2016 that I’d rather do it scared as HELL than remain in the safe zone. I don’t know if it is her original comment, but I heard Co-Pastor Sheree Sykes, the Co-Pastor of Shekijah Preparation Assembly say “do it afraid.” I’ve been sitting in the safe zone. The safe zone is where you sit and think about what you want to do, what you could do, and 1000 reason why you can’t do.

Here are 3 reasons you should move from the SAFE ZONE to the SCARY ZONE:

Scary Is Where Success Starts – I promise you nothing GREAT ever happens in the safe zone. If you ask anyone that has achieved any level of success, I promise you they will tell you they were scared at first to get started.

Scary is where Success Starts!

Be the First to Fail – These are the words that Dr. Samuel Chand spoke to Dr. R.A. Vernon of The Word Church when he was attempting to do something that had never been done in a predominantly African American church. We have been taught to fear failure instead of embracing it. Failure is not a bad thing. Failure means you at least took a step that millions of people were afraid to take. It is also important to note that FAILURE doesn’t mean all is lost or you don’t keep trying. Each failure provides you with tons valuable feedback that we often overlook because we run straight for the pity party. Take a moment and reflect on your failure and ask yourself some prompting questions: What went right? What went wrong? Why did it go wrong? Was it the right thing, but the wrong time? Who should have talked to before launching out? Do I need help to make it better?

What Do Really Have to Lose? – If you do that which you are afraid of and it doesn’t work out, you’ve pretty much not lost anything. However, if you stay in the SAFE zone and never try, then you’ll never know what could have been. Here’s a thought – you just might succeed.

So get your SCARED BEHIND out of the safe zone and into the scary zone. Write the book! Start the Business! Write the proposal! Ask for the sale! You don’t need to know the end results – all you need to know is what you need to do next?

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