"3 Ways to Prevent Frustration"


We all deal with feelings of frustration in our daily lives. While I do not believe that frustration is totally avoidable, there are a few key points which can help us to prevent LONG TERM frustration.

I would like to highlight three essential areas that one must address in order to prevent long-term frustration.

First, you must Know Your Purpose. Knowing your purpose will drastically reduce the level of frustration that you will experience in your lifetime. I have witnessed many people who become frustrated because they are doing something that they were never supposed to do. An example is someone who works with children, but his/her purpose is in the finance field. This person will experience considerable frustration, disappointment, and feelings of being overwhelmed.

The question that is often asked is how do I know my purpose? Your purpose is closely connected to your passion. Your passion is what you can’t live without. If you find what you’re passionate about, your purpose will be somewhere in that arena.

Second, you must Know Your Focus. After you know your purpose, you must develop eagle eye or tunnel focus on your purpose. You must pursue your purpose with unwavering focus and commitment. We often lose focus by being distracted by other things that are not positively contributing to our purpose. Be very careful of these little foxes, because it is the little foxes that spoil the vine.

Last, Know Your Season. We become frustrated and overwhelmed because we fail to identify the season that we are currently experiencing. Seasons in nature usually last about three months. However, spiritual seasons last until its purpose has been fulfilled. As a side note, you can prolong a season by doing or not doing the appropriate things within that season. For example, you can prolong a season of wealth, if you properly invest in the season of wealth.

There are several seasons that you must go through in order to get to your purpose. There are the seasons of waiting, preparation and manifestation. The season of waiting and preparation are the seasons in which you will be most tempted to abort your purpose and lose your focus. Knowing if you are in the season of preparation or waiting, is vital to you not becoming frustrated. If you know that you are in the season of preparation and/or waiting, then you do not become weary in well-doing, you do not envy or become jealous of others and you do not sustain long periods of frustration. This is because you know and understand that your season of manifestation is coming, but has not yet come.

Knowing your season is a large part of honestly evaluating where you are today and what needs to be done to fulfill your purpose. For example, if your purpose for being on the earth is to be a teacher and you don’t have a degree yet, then you know that you are in a season of preparation because you need to go to college to prepare to become a teacher.

Frustration is not avoidable, but it is treatable by knowing your purpose, knowing your focus and knowing your season. The Lord be with you!

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