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Tony Smith's Goals list

(revised March 25, 2021)

I am going public with my goals list. It is my hope that my list of goals will inspire you to set bold goals. In my book, Goal for it I show you how to set and achieve goals. Setting goals is a powerful tool to measure growth. It is amazing to me how many people do not set goals. I can almost guarantee you that person that does not set goals are frustrated and disappointed with their life and achievements. Below I have outlined most of my life goals and broken them up into different life areas, another concept I teach in my book, Goal For It

Life Goals

  • Write an autobiography

  • Learn Piano

  • Live until at least 88

  • Purchase a Single Family Home

  • Read 500 Books

Relational Goals

  • Create a Family Coat of Arms

  • Research our Family Genealogy

  • Create Carter/Jackson Family Website

  • Restart Family Reunion  

  • Take my boys on a mission trip to Africa

Professional Goals

  • Host a 3 Day Conference for Book Writers

  • Write a Children's Book 

  • Write 10 Books (40% Complete)

  • Become Adjunct Professor (at NVCC)

  • Obtain BA, MA, and Doctoral Degree

  • Get 10,000 people on my email list

  • Write 10 Books

  • Create 2 Online Course 

  • Create a product that generates 1000k in a month 

  • Obtain Life Insurance Agent License (Completed August 2018)

  • Become Self Employed

  • Start A Youtube Channel 

  • Create A Business Website

Fitness/health goals

  • Write an autobiography

  • Create a Family Coat of Arms

  • Research our Family Genealogy 

  • Host a 3 Day Conference for Book Writers

  • A1C to 7.0

  • Participate in a 5K Walk/Run

  • Weight at 185 

  • Do a 5 Day Detox

Ministry goals

  • Start a Pastor's Help Organization

  • Lead The Word Church and Second Baptist to 250 Member congregations

Financial Goals

  • Be debt-free by 45

  • Give away 25% of my Income

  • Have 50K in Savings

  • Give a $1000 Single Offering

Experiential Goals

  • Take kids to Redskin Football Game

  • Go Sky Diving 

  • Visit Cancun

  • Visit Jamaica 

  • Visit Las Vegas

  • Visit Grand Canyons

  • Visit Niagara Falls 

  • Go Snorkeling

  • Go on an African Safari

  • Go Ski Diving 

  • Go Parasailing

  • Go Snow Skiing 

  • Go River Tubing  (Completed July 2019)

  • Go Ice Skating 

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