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Hi, I’m Tony Ray Smith. I’m the author of 3 books,  Moving Forward: From Stagnation to Manifestation in 31 Days; Goal For It, A Guide to Setting and Achieving Your Goals; and You Can Write A Book, A Step by Step Guide to Writing and Publishing your Book in 66 Days or Less.


I have consulted with people for years on a variety of topics and issues. I finally decided that it was time to expand my thoughts in writing and via this website and blog so that I could broaden my reach.


My writing and coaching sweet spots are personal development, leadership, productivity, book writing/publishing and public speaking.


I’m also the CEO of Tony Ray Smith Ministries, a preaching, teaching, and leadership consulting ministry; CEO of Impact Community Development Corporation, a non-profit that helps meet the needs of the less fortunate in the greater Washington, DC metroplex; and the Senior Pastor of The Word Church, a church plant in Ashburn, VA.

More About Me


I’m a husband (16 years), father (12 years), pastor (12 years), musician (20 years), entrepreneur (15 plus), author (3 years), and sought after speaker. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia, where I remain to this day. I was raised in a single-parent home, by my grandmother and supported by my biological father. I don’t take very kindly to excuses. I had every excuse in the world to not make it. However, I beat all of the statistical odds and was still able to achieve great things. Last but not least, I’m a passionate follower of Christ!

About My Family


I have been married to the wonderful Cardhia Smith, since July 2004. We have two sons:

Xavier Smith (12), and Josiah Smith (7). We live in the greater Washington, DC metroplex. 


About the Company (Tony Ray Smith Enterprises, LLC)

Tony Ray Smith Enterprises, LLC is a multi-faceted consulting group. Tony Ray Smith Enterprises, LLC consults on book writing, self-publishing, personal development, and branding, to name a few areas. Our mission is to help 1,000 people get moving towards building the life, business, or ministry they would like to have.

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