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Hi, I’m Tony Ray Smith. I’m the author of 3 books,  Moving Forward: From Stagnation to Manifestation in 31 Days; Goal For It, A Guide to Setting and Achieving Your Goals; and You Can Write A Book, A Step by Step Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Book in 66 Days or Less.


I have consulted with people for years on a variety of topics and issues. I finally decided that it was time to expand my thoughts in writing and via this website and blog so that I could broaden my reach.


My writing and coaching sweet spots are personal development, leadership, productivity, book writing/publishing, and public speaking.


I’m also the CEO of Tony Ray Smith Ministries, a preaching, teaching, and leadership consulting ministry; CEO of Impact Community Development Corporation, a non-profit that helps meet the needs of the less fortunate in the greater Washington, DC metroplex; and the Senior Pastor of The Word Church, a church plant in Ashburn, VA.



Finding the right speaker can be difficult. As someone who has planned many events, I’ve been in your position many times. I know that you have choices, so thank you for taking the time to learn how I might serve you and your organization. I’ve designed this page to help answer as many questions as possible. You can click on the links below to take you directly to the relevant section.

What You Can Expect

  • Prompt, polite, and professional responses to phone calls and email messages. We have a 24 – 48 hour turn-around time.

  • An initial phone conversation with me or a member of my team, prior to your event.

  • An announcement about your event on my website, blog, and social media channels ( with your permission).

  • A professionally prepared presentation that is designed to meet the objectives and the needs of your organization.

  • Timeliness in our arrival at your event.

Speaking Availability

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Work With Me

I have listed eight ways below that you can access my knowledge and connect with me. I don’t only post about what I’ve done right. I also believe that you can benefit from learning from the mistakes I’ve made. I’ve made a ton of them and I am still making them. Therefore, the content will be fresh.

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